What kind of music do you play

This is really a two part answer: 

  1. a tremendous range and depth of popular music spanning seven decades
  2. the music that is most appropriate for the situation
Can we choose songs for you to play

Here comes another two part answer: 

  1. (mostly) yes
  2. and (a little) no

Yes, we welcome your input and recommend that you indicate your

Are you a loud band and will you adjust the volume if we ask

Though it's hard for us to be objective as to whether or not we are a "loud" band, we play at what we feel is a "reasonable" volume and constantly monitor the sound on stage and around the room to

How many breaks do you take, for how long, and do you put on CDs

Typically we take two breaks for a wedding. We will play continuously until the main course is served at which point we will take our first full band break of approximately 20 - 25 minutes. (Up to

Are the musicians always the same

Gerry as owner and leader of EBJE has over 35 years of personal experience performing throughout New England. Both the big band and small band repertoires are made up of fully scored "written"

Do you "emcee" the wedding or event

We will do whatever "emceeing" you feel would be appropriate for your wedding or event. This can mean anything from minimal or no announcements, to the "traditional" introductions of the Bridal

Do you wear tuxedos
Yes, unless otherwise requested.
What makes "East Bay Jazz" different from other bands

(Saved the best for last - we were wondering when you were going to ask that question!)

There are many fine bands with all the basic prerequisites: top quality professional musicians, a